Our Mission

The growing faith community of Plainfield United Methodist Church is …

“Equipping people for a growing relationship

with Jesus Christ to serve all.”

The ministries and programs at PUMC support our mission by growing faith through one or more of three inter-related areas of emphasis:

Equip (head): We prepare and empower people to claim their ministry through knowledge of scripture, our broad Christian and Wesleyan traditions, and the specific skills necessary to be faithful followers of Christ.

Relate (heart): The local church is called to help people connect with God, to each other, and to the world. This is about how we grow in relationship with God through the spiritual disciplines of worship, prayer, and the sacraments. It is how we live in loving, supportive community with one another.

Serve (hands): We model our lives after Christ’s example of servanthood. We give of our time, talents, and treasure to build up the kingdom of God. Our ministry is not inward focused, but extends beyond the walls of the church to compassionately help those in need and work for justice, peace, and healing. In ministry or program areas we strive to have components that engage all people at each stage of their Christian journey, no matter their age or experience level.