Journey through the New Testament in 90 days

bible-in-handIf you’ve always wanted to read through the Bible but never found an entry point to get started, the New Testament is a great place to begin. With the Bible reading plan below, you will typically read two or three chapters each day for ninety days. After each day’s reading, make a check mark on the day’s number. When you finish the readings, please return the Bible reading plan card from the September newsletter (or print the image below) to the church office with your name. If you finish by December 31, you will receive a prize!

To prepare you for your journey, we equipped you with four Sunday worship messages focused on encountering the Bible with relevance for the 21st century:

Sept. 8: “Making Sense of the Bible” (four points to foster understanding)
Sept. 15: “One Minute Bible” (main themes of the Bible)
Sept. 22: “Living in Scripture” (main characters of the Bible”)
Sept. 29: “Interpretation and Imagination” (interpreting the Bible with feelings, emotions, and imagination)