Plainfield Area Infertility Support Group

Infertility is more common than one may expect.  There is a great chance that you know someone who has struggled with fertility issues or perhaps that someone is you. The Plainfield Area Infertility Support Group is a peer-led support group with RESOLVE, the national infertility organization. At this time, the group is a women’s only group. We are a welcoming group that discusses general infertility issues including primary and secondary infertility, offers connection to others who may be struggling with similar issues, and provides an open yet confidential atmosphere to share individual experiences.  The group members support each other through many experiences including treatment options, procedures, adoption and foster care process, grief and loss, changes in family and friend relationships, and living child-free. Julie Blackburn is the group peer facilitator and chose to help others to understand and cope with infertility after a number of years of exploring her own family building options. Please contact Julie prior to attending the group.

Meeting Date/Time: Second Saturday of each month from 9 am to 11 am
Meeting Location: Room 205
Contact: For more information about the group, please contact Julie via email. For more information about infertility or how to help someone, visit the RESOLVE website.