Small Groups

Small Group Ministries

PUMC has a group to meet your social and spiritual needs.

Are you looking to…
Meet new people with common interests?
Learn new skills?
Share your time and talents?
Explore and develop your spiritual relationship?

Joining a small group at Plainfield United Methodist Church is a wonderful way to do these things.  With several active small groups to choose from, PUMC has a group to meet your social and spiritual needs.  Whatever your interests, whatever your availability, we hope that you will become a part of a small group here at PUMC.  You do not need to be a member to join, as all groups are open to the community.  For more information about any of our groups, please contact the church office at (815) 436-9651 or via email.

Have an idea for a small group? Our Small Group Ministry Team brainstorms and facilitates the formation of new groups.

Special Interest Groups

Food and Fun Groups

Educational/Study Groups

Service Groups

Support Groups

Members of PUMC Small Groups say…

“I am really glad that I belong to our group because I have people who understand what I am going through.”

“I look forward to getting together with my group because I always feel better when I go home.”

“I never thought much about my spiritual journey until we began to discuss it in our small group.  Now I see that others are struggling to live a Christian life too.  It is not easy but I have others to support me.”