Parish Nurse

My name is Danielle Ivins (contact). I am a proud member of PUMC and I am the Parish Nurse to the congregation. I live in Plainfield with my wonderful husband Curt and our two lovely daughters, Madison and Evelyn. I have been a nurse since 1997, specializing in oncology. I presently work part-time at Edward Hospital (oncology). I am also a PRN school nurse in our district. I work diligently in my daughter’s school and the community, as time allows, coordinating Caring Hands and other endeavors. I firmly believe we each have a responsibility to be a facilitator and exemplify caring, compassion, and cooperation for the well-being of ourselves and others.

I completed the Parish Nurse program through Saint Louis University and look forward to building and growing this ministry.

A Parish Nurse (PN) is a licensed nurse who facilitates health education and wellness in a congregation and the community based upon a needs assessment. If you are a member of PUMC, please respond to this needs assessment survey, which is completely confidential.

A Parish Nurse works directly with the pastoral team as well as a parish health team. The functions of a Parish Nurse are:

  • integrator of health and faith
  • health educator
  • referral agent and resource
  • health and patient advocate
  • health counselor

All interactions between the congregation and individuals and the Parish Nurse are strictly confidential.

Please feel free to contact me in person, by phone, or through email with questions, concerns, or needs.