God Is In-Between Your Life – Sermon Series

Join us at Plainfield UMC for a seven-part sermon series as we explore how Jesus walked and talked with people when they were living in-between one stage of their life and the next.

We encourage you to come Sunday morning with each story from John fresh in your mind and your spirit.

1/8: John 1:1-18 Incarnation
1/15: John 1:35-42 Calling the First Disciples
1/22: John 1:43-51 Calling Philip & Nathaniel
1/29: John 2:1-11 The Wedding at Cana
2/5: John 3:1-16 Nicodemus Visits Jesus
2/12: John 4:1-26 The Woman at the Well
2/19: John 11:17-44 Lazarus Raised to Life

The Gospel of John begins with an emphatic proclamation that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh. John concludes the story of the pre-resurrection Jesus with his words on the cross, “It is finished,” yet John ends his gospel with the claim that “there were also many other things that Jesus did.”

What were those “other things?” What did Jesus do in-between the lines of scripture? In-between the beginning and end of his earthly life? Curiously, in the middle of John’s gospel, in-between the gospel, Jesus says, “I am the resurrection and the life.” Our life here and now shares that resurrection life.