God Is Holding Your Life

World in God's hands cutoutIn our lives we can experience many terrible afflictions and sorrows, and it can then seem to our confused heart that God has forsaken and forgotten us, that we are completely perishing, and that there is neither help nor salvation for us from anywhere.

But be bold because we can trust God to hold our lives.

In this season of gratitude and thanksgiving we take a break from the shame, worries, anxiety, doubts, and distress that life can bring to us and let God’s hands hold us fast.

God will protect you on your journeys and all life situations from now until forever.

This November in worship we will explore how “God is holding your life through …”

  • shame and weakness (Nov. 8)
  • suffering and anger (Nov. 15)
  • doubts (Nov. 22)

“Even when I walk through the darkest valley I fear no danger because you are with me. Your rod and your staff they protect me.” – Psalm 23:4