Daniel Plan: Week 2

At our second meeting, we discussed “The Right Motivation”, and worked in small groups to discuss human willpower and “God power”.  If you missed the class, you can watch the Session 2 Small Group Video.


Before our next class, please take the time to watch/read the following…

•  Begin a quiet time with God and start to journal your thoughts.
•  Complete the “One-Page Miracle” on page 3 in your book.
•  Focus on foods that are grown on a plant, not made in a plant.
•  Read ways to “Conquer Your Cravings
•  Identity simple ways to add exercise to your daily routine
•  Watch this short video on walking


•  PDF: New “Eating and Exercise Log” (for those following the YMCA guidelines)
•  PDF: “Fats and Oils: Guidelines

Everyone is encouraged to search the Daniel Plan Website for pertinent videos and articles. Use the search feature to learn more. Be sure to share any tidbits you find worthy with the rest of your group.

I look forward to seeing you at our next gathering!


Kudos to all of you for week one. Here are the official numbers of people who weighed last week and this week.

•  Thursday night. 21 people lost a total of 81.4 pounds. When compared to the original weight, that’s a loss of 1.90%

•  Friday night. 18 people lost a total of 69.4 pounds. When compared to the original weight, that’s a loss of 1.94%.

Week one goes to Friday night!

Congratulations to everyone !!!! As a group, we lost 150.8 pounds!!!

Next Week: Health Food Tasting!

Keep up the great work!