Costa Rica Updates

August 3, 2011:

Greeting friends and family,

We are well and happy in Costa Rica. We have met some amazing people and had some outstanding worship. The conversations have ranged from serious to highly comical and deep friendships are forming.

Last evening we went to a prayer service at the local congregation. It was an amazing feeling. The pastor did a wonderful job translating the bulk of his message into English. We were challenged to remember that with God all things are possible. Then we had an invitation to pray. The service closed with the congregation literally encircling us with prayer. Amazing. We had the chance to sing a song for them, which was also fun.

Work has been going well. We have put up a ton of sheet rock. I get the impression that the missionary is very pleased. He didn’t expect a group with as much experience sheet-rocking as we have.  It was a very productive day today.

This evening we played soccer with some Costa Ricans. It was a friendly, but competitive game. Only one player got a red card and was asked to leave the pitch. We played well and it was a great activity. Sherry’s team beat Tedd’s team. When asked for the highlights, undoubtedly on the list would be when Pastor Sherry nailed Kirk and knocked him to the ground like a rag doll.

We truly appreciate your prayers and support. This is a wonderful experience and we are blessed to be a part of it. Please continue to pray for us.


Sherry and Tedd

August 2, 2011:

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was our first day of labor at the site.  We are working on the home of the pastor of the local congregation.  We were split immediately into three different crews.  One crew hung sheet rock.  The crew Tedd works with is mudding and taping.  The crew Sherry is working with is creating a joist system for a ceiling.  Everyone worked hard today.  We got a lot done.  Hopefully we can continue to work at the same pace throughout the week.

Everything is beautiful here.  It is a bit cold and rainy, but a refreshing change from up north.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.


Sherry and Tedd

July 31, 2011:

Greetings from Costa Rica.

Our morning started with worship in a local United Methodist congregation.  We were graciously welcomed and felt at home.  Even though we couldn’t understand the language, we saw God at work in our midst.

After lunch with our hosts, we were whisked away to a local coffee plantation.  When I say whisked, I mean piled into a bus and driven up a mountain.  The workings of the plantation were interesting and I will certainly value my next cup of joe.

We ended our day with dinner, ice cream, and devotions.

The physical labor begins tomorrow, but there is a sense that the ministry is well underway.  Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.

Happy Birthday Mark Standefer (from your daughter and everyone else too).


Sherry and Tedd

July 30, 2011:

Grace and peace to you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!

We have arrived Costa Rica!

It was a smooth day of travel. Everyone is here safe, along with all our luggage. Wil Bailey, the UM VIM Missionary, met us at the airport and took us on the 10 minute trip to the Methodist Guest House where we

are sleeping. The accommodations are very comfortable. After getting settled in our rooms, we went to the church in Alajuela for dinner (spaghetti!) and ice cream.

The team members are having a great time getting to know each other. Tomorrow morning we go to church and then tour a local coffee plantation with another mission group from the States.

All is well! Thank you for your prayers.


Sherry and Tedd