Celebrating 150 Years in Our Building

Please mark your calendars, and join us on Sunday, June 11th for a special worship service at 9:30am, when our congregation will gather to celebrate 150 years of worship and ministry in our current location. (There will be no 8:30 service on this morning.) Bishop Sally Dyck will be preaching during the service that will also include special visitors, special recognitions and music from our Chancel Choir, Bellissimo Handbell Choir and our Carillon. Then, stay on to peruse the special exhibit in Friendship Hall, created by PUMC’s Historical Committee and, finally, join us for a luncheon in Fellowship Hall.

Watch the Announcements sheets in your bulletin for information on how to sign up for the luncheon.

Although PUMC’s history stretches back beyond 150 years, to include worship in other locations since its founding 188 years ago by the circuit-riding minister Jesse Walker, this majestic building has stood the test of time and bore faithful witness to the area’s transformation from a sleepy little Indian frontier settlement…to a blue-collar farming community…to a bustling suburban town – prized for its location near waterways, major interstate highways, and its stubborn reluctance to completely break from its small-town roots, simple values and pastoral way of life.

Although a church building is just a place, it can also be an enduring symbol of a community’s desire to lay a cornerstone of faith, as solid as the limestone block of which it’s built: A bold way to say, “We’re here by God’s good grace ALONE, and we intend to live our lives in His service and, by the way, we’re intent on bringing others to God as well, as we journey in the faith.” It required love, sweat, financial sacrifice and a willingness to work through the inevitable bumps along the way, all the while giving the glory to God alone.

So, to all of the Pastors, lay persons, brothers and sisters, families and children that came before us – who loved, worked, taught, evangelized, and prayed here, we say, “Thank you. Well done, pilgrim – for being the REAL church behind this church building.” May God continue to bless the witness and work of Plainfield United Methodist Church. Our story is still unfolding. Onward to the next 150 years of witness, worship and ministry here at PUMC!