Aurora District Lay Academy – Spring 2015

LayServantMinistriesGod calls every one of us to proclaim the presence and power of God through all that we say and do. How is God calling you to serve?  With so many avenues of training, Lay Servant Ministries offers you a valuable education in multiple ministry areas.

DATES: Five Sundays, Feb. 22 – Mar. 22
TIMES: 2:30 – 5:30

LOCATION: Plainfield UMC, 15114 S. Illinois Street, Plainfield
EMAIL: stevemecker [at] gmail [dot] com
COST: $35 (includes refreshments and books; $40 after Feb. 15)

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BASIC (Roger Curless)

Learn the basic tenants of Lay Servanthood, including topics such as the “priesthood of all believers,” God’s call on your life and the need to respond to that call, discovering your spiritual gifts, the role of the laity in ministry, a brief history of Methodism, fulfilling the Great Commission, various Lay Servant Leadership skills (consensus building, caring, and communicating, and the importance of continuous personal study and spiritual growth.

PREACHING (Rev. Lora Zink)

Although not necessarily a central part of a typical Lay Servant ministry, formal preaching is a skill that deserves serious study, analysis, and practice. This Lay Academy course affords a wonderful opportunity to explore the fundamentals of speaking God’s Word in effective and creative ways. Topics will involve sermon preparation and construction, along with tools and techniques useful in delivering effective and meaningful messages to a 21st century congregation.


What distinguishes the “people called Methodist?” This course explores the history, heritage, beliefs, mission and culture of the United Methodist Church and its distinctiveness within the family of Christendom. Topics include the special gifts of theology, witness and organization of the UM Church, how we got to where we are today, and what are the challenges facing the 21st century Church.


With a vision of every man in every congregation having a living, growing relationship with Jesus Christ, this course is based on the book No Man Phone Left Behind by Patrick Morley, David Delk, and Brett Clemmer, offered through United Methodist Men. The objective of the course is to create and sustain effective men’s ministry in the local church by developing methods to reach, inspire, and enable men toward full spiritual maturity in discipleship with Christ.


Convert the noun “steward” into a verb! This course is about transforming who you are becoming and what you can do in the world. Find out how ministries and congregations can become stewards-in-action in all God has entrusted to us, going far beyond thinking simply in terms of dollars but instead transitioning to living examples of the gospel.